Meridian Group

Concat ist Teil der Meridian Group International

Seit 2006 ist die Concat AG eine hundertprozentige Tochter der Meridian Group International Inc. (MGI). MGI ist eine Gruppe von zehn IT-Systemhäusern mit circa 50 Standorten auf vier Kontinenten.

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Meridian Group International: 10 Unternehmen auf 4 Kontinenten

Meridian Group International Companies


Meridian IT Inc. Meridian Leasing Corporation Meridian IT UK Meridian IT Australia Meridian IT Singapore Meridian IT Hong Kong Concat AG Germany Meridian IT India Meridian IT China

Meridian at a Glance

We help businesses move in and out of technology at a pace that fits their culture and budget.

Meridian specializes in creating business value where it’s needed most by assessing where you are and where you want to be. We chart the best way to get you there through a blend of technology solutions and services, consumption models and financing options. Clients in all industries including healthcare, manufacturing, finance and education choose Meridian for our unbiased guidance and strategies designed to manage risk, reduce costs, secure data, enhance the customer experience, nurture employee collaboration, and grow revenue.

Strategic partnerships and strong vendor relationships give us global reach while responsiveness and accessibility provide familiar, local presence.
Why spend needless hours coordinating many different resources? Meridian can deliver on all fronts with proven reliability, capability, and flexibility.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Meridian has over three decades of experience as an IT systems integrator and financial solutions provider.

Meridian Group International

MGI wächst seit der Gründung in 1979 stetig und bietet ein breites Portfolio an IT/RZ-Hosting- und Cloud-Leistungen bis hin zum Leasing.

  • Rund 700 Mitarbeiter weltweit
  • 10 Unternehmen auf 4 Kontinenten
  • Standorte in Nordamerika, Europa, Australien, Asien
  • Beteiligungen in den USA